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Spectral DNC Review

Spectral DNC

Spectral DNC is a topical application combining two of the best proven molecules for topical treatment of baldness currently available on the market: minoxidil (5%) and aminexil. Additional ingredients include retinoic acid, copper peptides, adenosine, procyanidins, saw palmetto, olive oil, flax seed oil, emu oil (all rich in essential fatty acids), vitamins (mainly biotin) and minerals.

The latest formulation is called Spectral DNC-L and is intended for people with advanced male pattern baldness (NW4 or greater). The new formulation comes in the form of cream and pioneers the use of the amino acid arginine to stimulate nitric oxide formation, mediate cell activity and feed follicles. Spectral DNC is said to be suitable for both sexes (despite its 5% minoxidil content) but pregnant women and women that might become pregnant should not use it. Spectral DNC uses a proprietary delivery system which enhances absorption. This new system employs nanosomes to carry the active ingredients deeper into the skin, bringing them to the hair follicles. Revivogen is assumed to use a similar delivery mechanism.

Spectral RS is another member of the divine skin family of products. It has been designed mainly for women suffering from diffuse hair loss. Its composition is similar to the two aforementioned products but it does not contain minoxidil and thus its main hair-growth-promoting ingredient appears to be aminexil, a molecule that is similar to minoxidil. Spectral RS also employs the nanosomes delivery system.

Consumer reviews of Spectral DNC are plentiful and the majority of them are positive. Spectral DNC-L and Spectral RS are new products with few reviews so far. For Spectral RS, those few reviews available are from male consumers who believe that this product is not as powerful as the other two formulas and recommend combining it with minoxidil treatment. Spectral DNC is undoubtedly one of the most innovative generic products for treating male pattern baldness on the market today. Unfortunately it also uses natural oils that make the hair very greasy. Vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids were in some cultures believed to cure baldness but actual results have traditionally been minimal to say the least.

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