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ThymuSkin Consumer Reviews

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Do not Waste your money

By Mark who has been using ThymuSkin shampoo for two years:

The shampoo smells great, but is useless if you are a man experiencing hair shedding. The product is money out the door - just buy a regular organic shampoo instead

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Thymuskin products

By Gigi from Louisiana, age 56, who has been using ThymuSkin for 5 months:

I've used the shampoo and lotion now for about 5 months and have noticed my hair texture and strength have improved 100%, but as for regrowth, only about half of my hair has come back right now and the rest i can only hope. Easier to use than rogaine (didn't like) but much more expensive. Will continue to use forever if it will keep the hairs i have remaining and in good health. Good luck to anyone who tries Thymuskin.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

Growth after abandoning Thymuskin

By Theresa from CA, age 32, who has been using ThymuSkin for 9 months:

I have developed a small bald spot above my left temple and was diagnosed with alopecia areata. On the advice of my doctor, I used Rogaine 5% for three months, which did not help. Then a friend recommended trying Thymuskin. I used it for 9 months with no noticeable results. Strangely enough, after another six months had passed, my bald spot filled up. My doctor says small bald patches like that often grow back within two years and he would not attribute this to Thymuskin.

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Bald Spots Gone

By Austin from Texas, age 35, who has been using ThymuSkin for six months:

Thymusking gel stopped and reversed my hair loss. Nothing ever worked before.

Editor's Review Editor's Review of ThymuSkin

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.


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