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ThymuSkin Hair Loss Products Review

ThymuSkin products

ThymuSkin is a set of hair loss products amongst which ThymuSkin treatment and ThymuSkin gel are the key components. ThymuSkin hair products were originally developed in Germany to prevent hair loss in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment but are now offered to people suffering from all sorts of hair loss. It is assumed that hair loss from chemotherapy can be significantly reduced if the product is rubbed on the scalp before the patient takes a chemotherapeutic agent. It was later discovered that ThymuSkin is also effective against rare types of hair loss and scalp disorders. The ThymuSkin approach to treating baldness is based on the assumption that baldness is an auto-immune disease, where the body's immune system (white blood cells) mistakenly identifies hair follicles as foreign tissue and attacks them. This might be true for some forms of hair loss, where hair loss occurs suddenly, such as telogen effluvium, anagen effluvium and alopecia areata, with its different variations, but it is unlikely to be the cause of hereditary pattern baldness. ThymuSkin proved to be considerably more effective in treating hair loss in women than men. This fact challenges the theory that it is useful for treating hereditary pattern baldness, which happens to be by far the most common form of baldness in men. The main active substance in all ThymuSkin products is thymus gland extract. The peptide molecules of thymus gland extract are active in stimulating the human immune system and can help prevent destruction of hair follicles by neutralizing the auto-immune attack. The remaining ingredients of ThymuSkin products include vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

ThymuSkin, due to its unique mode of action, might be a useful option for treating effluviums and alopecia areata but it is extremely unlikely to help in combating hereditary baldness. Consumer reviews of ThymuSkin products are few but those comments available support the assumption that ThymuSkin may be a good treatment for alopecia areata but not such a good treatment for androgenetic alopecia.

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