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Good Product Until They Dropped It

By Dave A., age 62, who has been using Touch of Gray for three years:

I really liked Touch-of-Grey and used it regularly for 3 years. Then one day they decided to stop making the Light Brown color and they tried to push me to Light/Medium Brown color which is way too dark for me. All of a sudden people are asking "Do you die your hair" and the answer is of course, "yes" but they NEVER asked before.

It's really frustrating to put your trust in a product and then to have the manufacturer pull it from the shelves without any notice. They have my email and if they had told me their intention I would have bought a bunch of the old color. Now it's for sale on ebay for multiple hundreds of dollars.

In summary it's a good product if they happen to sell your color. Just don't count on them selling it tomorrow.

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Excellent product for me

By Ray from Rhode Island, age 62, who has been using Touch of Gray for three years:

I have been using this product for three years. I absolutely love it. My hair was almost pure white and this takes that away. It's not fake looking at all. I'm sure everyone is not going to like it because there is chocolate and there is vanilla. Get my point? Try it if you like it fine. If not try something else. Just telling everyone it works fine for me.

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Works well .. even on facial hair

By Bob C. from central PA, age 68, who has been using Touch of Gray for two months:

I really like this product, because let's face it - most guys my age don't have a terrible lot of hair. And it really frosts me to buy hair products, for men, that are 1 shot deals - mix the whole thing at once. That gives me enough coloring to do my head about 10 times (no exaggeration). What are these companies thinking? So with this Touch of Gray, there's no mixing - you just squeeze what you need out of a single tube, and put the rest away for next time.

I don't have really 'nice' gray hair, so my results may be different from the advertised ...'covers only the gray.' My hair is more like a dishwater mousey brown. When I use Touch of Gray (TOG) it pretty makes all my hair the same color.

Although my hair is really light brown, I use the Medium Brown coloring. It seems to match up better for me. And I don't apply every week - I don't want it getting too dark. Since it does cover all my hair, I don't want that 'fake' look that comes with having too dark/too solid coloring. I find this stuff easy to control to get what I want.

And yes, I do use it on my beard and moustache. Works fine there too. Doesn't last quite as long as head coloring, but then nothing does. I've recently noticed they now have a beard formula, in dark brown/black only. I just ordered some and will mix it with the regular Medium head hair product to try to achieve the best of both worlds.

I've discarded all of my other products (Just for Men stuff) because TOG meets all my needs, and the end result is very natural looking.

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Does work a bit too good

By Keith from Portland, age 55, who has used Touch of Gray for the first time:

I read reviews prior to using this product so I knew it might make too much of a change.

I left the product on after covering all my hair for 90 seconds. Then washed it out as recommended.

The color is very natural - however the amount of gray covered very substantial. Can't imagine how it would have looked if I left it on the full 5 minutes.

Product needs to work slower.

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Works Almost Too Good

By Nathan from Texas, age 50, who has been using Touch of Gray for six months:

My hair was about 40% grey and I wanted to reduce the amount of grey slightly before it got out of control. The product was easy enough to apply and, over the course of 3 days, pretty much removed all my grey. It looked natural enough, but worked a little bit too well. The old grey areas have a slightly different shade than the rest of my hair and looks almost like very subtle highlighting. Only problem is that over the course of those few days all my grey was removed and I'd really like to have a little bit left so that it wouldn't be so noticable for someone who hadn't seen me in a week. It takes about 3 weeks to get to the amount of grey I really wanted and then I have to start the process over after 6 weeks. I'm going to try some of the other products to find something that will be a little more subtle and allow me to keep the same shade consistently.

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Works too fast

By Rob, age 59, who has been using Touch of Gray for one month:

I have silky, originally light brown hair, now 60% white. This product works but it colored my hair too quickly. I wish the change was more subtle and gave me better control over retaining grey in certain areas.

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Touch of gray

By Nelson from New Jersey, age 73, who used Touch of Gray once:

Detailed review in one word Total Crap. Should be removed from sale everywhere.

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Great stuff

By Rick from CT, age 58, who has been using Touch of Gray for six months:

I tried various men's products and then moved to women's products because they lasted longer. The hair looked unnatural because it was all one exact color, and also had a dull quality. Touch of Grey fixed that, it adds some color, but is not so radical. It's the first time I felt like my hair didn't look colored at all. I leave some grey in front and just color the rest and it works very well.

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Poor quality product

By Joseph from Colorado, age 44, who has been using Touch of Gray for one month:

I tried this product despite its poor reviews on other review web sites. I should have listened to the other reviewers. For me, the product did not last more than a week before I had to apply more. Luckily I read from another reviewer that you can use the tube more than once by just capping it and making sure all the air is out of it. I have much better results with the products my wife buys, they last longer and provide more uniform color. Do yourself a favor and avoid wasting your money on this product.

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Touch of Gray

By Robert from Michigan, age 62, who has been using Touch of Gray for 12 months:

This is absolutely the best product I have used for coloring gray hair. Resistant hair is colored well and it is easy to use, with no mixing. It lasts longer than it takes for my hair to grow out until the roots need treatment again. This is much better than any of the competitors.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Covered ALL Grey

By Harry, age 50, who used Touch of Gray once:

I used the "Medium Brown" version and it covered all of the grey which is not really what I wanted. Fortunately it lasts only about a month. Not sure why it completely removed all of my grey instead of just some of it as advertised.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Natural looking

By Larry B from MB, age 53, who has been using Touch of Gray for two weeks:

This is the first off the shelf product like this I've tried. In the past I've gone to a hair stylist that combed in color to give the salt and pepper look.

The problem with stylists are:

a) its not a technique most of the them know;

b) cost me around $50 a shot; and

c) the results were uneven - either sometimes resulting in not enough color or other times all one color with no gray.

I tried this once so far, and it did exactly what I'd hoped. It darkened my hair while leaving the gray. And it was absolutely natural looking. My wife and kids said they'd never guess it was colored.

The only negative so far is that the chemicals did slightly bother me the first day - but I guess they do at the stylists too. Plus the stuff can get messy unless your careful. Apply either shirtless or with something disposable.

But overall, the results were better and more natural looking at 1/8th the cost and 1/4th the time than they would be at the stylists.

Ah the money I could have been saving...

Great stuff!

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