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Touch of Gray Review

Touch of Gray

Touch of Gray is a new hair colorant from the US that hit the market in April 2008. It has been designed for men, allowing them to control how much gray remains in their hair. Touch of Gray comes in the form of a gel in five shades. It is said to be easy to apply. You just comb it into your hair for five minutes and rinse it off and shampoo your hair. This product does not contain any poisonous metallic compounds; it is a mix of organic chemicals that may be, though, aggressive to the skin and eyes. Touch of Gray may not be used for colouring facial hair. It should be applied in weekly intervals until the desired shade has been achieved. The composition of Touch of Gray and its mode of action remind you of regular hair dyes but you need to apply it several times to cover most of your gray hair, which gives you better control and makes the change less noticeable.

Touch of Gray is a new product available only to North American customers and not too many consumer reviews are yet available. This assessment is purely based on publicly-available information and the conclusion is that Touch of Gray is a discrete form of regular hair dye that does its job stepwise, just like semi-permanent dyes do. Its chemical composition reminds you of a permanent hair dye but its mode of action is more similar to semi-permanent dyes. Touch of Gray contains PPD (p-phenylenediamine), believed to be a leading cause of hair colour allergic reactions. The fact that it needs to be applied more often than a regular, permanent hair dye may increase the chances of triggering allergy. It contains no peroxide or ammonia, though.

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