Transplanting Grey Hair

It is a common misconception to believe that grey hair cannot be transplanted. But contrary to this widespread belief, grey or white hair can be transplanted as successfully as normal, pigmented hair. Grey hair is normal healthy hair and has been observed to be even more resistant to external factors than hair of original colour. It is also courser and grows faster than normal, pigmented hair. However, if there is any difficulty with transplanting grey hair, it is not because of its durability but due to the fact that the colourless, white hair, though thicker than regular hair, is less noticeable. And, since the supply of the donor hair is limited and the cost of transplanting white hair is the same as for pigmented hair, it is less economical to transplant white hair, as it does not create the same illusion of fullness as normal, pigmented hair. However, this does not apply to people who dye their hair. For those who would like to avoid transplanting white hair it is important to know that the follicular unit extraction method is a more suitable technique compared to traditional strip harvesting because it can easily identify and avoid the extraction of grey hair follicles. Age alone is not a determining factor in hair transplant surgery either. Critical factors with regards to a patient's suitability for hair surgery, such as balding pattern, overall physical condition, flexibility of the scalp, sufficient density in the donor area, etc. are the same in people of all ages.

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