Vitamins and Minerals


Reader's feedback from Mark

I would beg to differ on your comments that claim that hair loss cannot be caused by a vitamin/mineral deficiency. About a year ago, I was in a health shop for some calcium and I noticed a new herbal hair loss product. I researched it on the web and found out this incredibly expensive product was just simply vitamins and a special herb. So I ended up doing a lot of research on the Web and ended up with this mix of Vitamins. One daily multi Vitamin, two B50 complex vitamins, two 500mg vitamin C with bioflavonoids, one 1000 mg MSM, one 160mg Saw Palmetto extract and an Omega 3-6-9 cold pressed oils. I have also altered my diet so that everything is whole grain and I have increased my aerobic exercise. Before I started all this, I had widows peak and the center hair was very thin. Now, the center hair is fuller and thicker. Whether any new hair has been revived I do not know and what part of the treatment worked I do not know. All I know is before I looked balding and now you can hardly tell. I might want to also add that I had an itchy scalp and had heard about hair mites. I used an apple cider vinegar cold wash for 2 weeks and my scalp has not been itchy since. The added bonus is my nails are healthier and stronger. Most of this is for the hair but I also started it for general health. By the way, I saw all the snake oil sites and researched each portion of my regime to see if there was any real research behind it and came up with this mix. It would take too long into the reasons I chose this mix. I plan to drop to just Omega 3 oils and I will be making my own shampoo out off pure soap and a few additives since I shower daily.

Also, I have just started up Minoxidil to see if I can get even more improvement on hair re-growth. This is just an experiment and if I have not seen dramatic results in 4 months, I will drop it.


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