Why Do We Like Natural Hair Loss Treatments?

The sales of natural hair loss treatments are breaking historical highs these days and new products are emerging every day. This swing to all-natural products seems to be a general consumer trend not confined to the hair loss industry. The modern glutamate generation is reinventing traditional products in all walks of life. Generations that have long got used to nutritional supplements to prop up their immune systems, instead of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, are now changing their consumer preferences and learning to appreciate organic produce. This situation creates great opportunities to bring in new products and artful marketers are exploiting them. The cosmetics field stands in the forefront of this trend, with hair loss products being no exception.

The arguments that convince increasing numbers of consumers to buy hair loss products labelled as all-natural are usually very simple. They are assumed to be more effective than medicinal products but without having any negative side effects. However, the scientific evidence and consumer experience do not support such claims.

The claim of superior efficacy is based on the assumption that the natural substances used are substitutes for synthetic drugs and, since there are so many different kinds of them within each formula, they work together to enhance the total effectiveness. The fact is, however, that nobody knows how this complex system works. In addition, no herbal extract or naturally-derived substance has ever been clinically proven to promote hair growth. Most of such claims refer to studies conducted on rodents or in vitro or very small sponsored human studies. Admittedly, there are some promising substances of natural origin but all of them require further examination in order to establish safe dosages and efficient delivery systems.

The second argument, regarding the lack of negative side effects, does not hold water either. Natural hair loss treatments are not known to have any negative side effects because they have never been tested for them. This is not the same as not having any. Natural hair-care products are a frequent cause of allergic reactions. Furthermore, a number of natural hair loss products come in the form of pill supplements, and overdoses on certain minerals and vitamins can cause serious health problems, such as liver damage, as the body tries to expel excessive levels of some elements. One thing is certain, though, most of such products will seldom work as promised and thus the chances that you will ever use them long enough to develop any problems from systemic overdose are relatively slim.

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