World Hair Restoration Statistics for 2008 Released

The latest world hair restoration statistics for 2008 have recently been released, proving that the industry has been growing at a decent pace. The total number of hair surgeries handled around the world in 2008 were 252,000 as against 226,000 in 2006. Out of those 252,000 hair surgeries, 99,000 were conducted in the USA, 79,000 in Asia, 32,000 in Europe and 21,000 in the Middle East. 93% of hair restoration surgeries were performed on the scalp. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) with its strip follicle harvesting technique accounted for 88% of total procedures, followed by follicular unit extraction (FUE) with 11%. Archaic techniques such as flap surgery and scalp reduction still made up more than 1% of the total. Male patients accounted for 85% of surgeries conducted.

The estimated size of the world hair transplantation market in 2008 was US$1.3bn (almost Euro 1bn). By far the most frequently prescribed treatments to hair loss patients were Propecia (finasteride) with 76% and Rogaine (minoxidil, both solution and foam) with 64%, followed by Nizoral shampoo, trailing far behind the two leading medications with 16%. Interestingly, the most common healing therapy, post hair transplantation, was Rogaine (used by 80% of patients), followed by copper peptides (42%) and low level laser therapy (26%). The average number of grafts received per session was 1,741 and each patient underwent, on average, 1.4 procedures. Hence, the average number of grafts each patient received in total was 2,437.

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