Hair Loss Concealers and Hair Thickeners

Hair loss concealers and hair thickeners present an excellent way to cover thin areas of the scalp for those hair loss sufferers who are seeking quick, occasional improvement in their hair density rather than a permanent solution. Most consumers believe that these products are not capable of withstanding rain or strong wind and come off on the pillow case at night. However, this assumption is often wrong. There are a number of products that are surprisingly resistant and look extremely natural. They even allow you to continue with your topical hair loss treatment, such as minoxidil.

Various types of products take different approaches to thickening your hair. Some products simply colour your scalp, eliminating the contrast between the colour of your hair and your scalp. Other type of hair loss concealers are the so-called hair thickeners, which work by coating and penetrating your hair and trapping moisture and hair-thickening proteins in the hair shaft, thus giving it more body. Some hair thickeners combine the properties of both the aforementioned types of products - they thicken the hair and colour the skin of your balding scalp so that it matches your hair colour. And lastly, the newest and currently the most popular type of hair loss concealers employ microfibres. The statically-charged microfibres are sprinkled over the thinning areas and cling tightly to the existing hair on the scalp. They bond so securely that they can stay in place all day and night, in even the strongest wind and hardest rain. The fibres should remain in the hair until the next shampoo wash.

The common weakness of all types of hair loss concealers is that they only come in relatively few shades and thus may not match everybody’s hair colour. Secondly, some consumers complain about difficulties using them efficiently, as it takes time and practice to learn how to apply them accurately. However, when applied correctly they look extremely natural and can be very resistant to external influences. Many consumers report incredibly good results from using a combination of a moisturising hair thickener, such as DermMatch, and a micro fibrous hair loss concealer, such as Toppik (see folica's DermMatch customer reviews). Other commercial products include popular names such as Nanofibres, Organin, Fullmore, Mega THIK, ProThick, Toppek Hair Fattener, COUVRe and many others.

List of Products for Concealing Hair Loss

A list of commercial products for thickening hair and concealing hair loss, presenting their consumer rating summary, mode of action and pricing. Hair Thickeners